Cat Problems – Aggression

You’re doing all the right things, giving your cat as much love as you possibly can and then all of a sudden it turns around and bites you! You can’t work out for the life of you why this dreadful thing has occurred. Your cat may be suffering from a skin condition or anxiety and […]

Obesity in Cats

Obesity is one of the diseases that you as an owner have some control over and can be prevented. But if unfortunately your cat does fall ill to obesity, the disease can be cured and normal body condition can be established. Obesity can shorten your cat’s life, this is why it is so important to […]

Grooming For Your Cat

Naturally cats are highly fastidious. If you already own a cat, you will already be aware that cats are neat freaks! They spend majority of their day either grooming themselves or sleeping. But they could always use a helping hand from you. Grooming should be a relaxing and enjoyable time for you and your cat, […]

why do dogs eat grass?

Numerous reasons have been proposed as to why dogs eat grass. One of the more basic conjectures is that dogs eat grass to help them vomit. Different ideas discuss eliminating intestinal parasites, resulting from a dietary problem, another reasons is simply just because they like the taste! For more reasons as to why dogs eat […]

Bringing Your Cat To The Vet

As dreadful as the lead up and trip to the vet may be, it is crucial for your feline to come to the vet. For your cat, it is not necessarily the actual time at the vet that they fear, it is might be the trip in the car that they feel uncomfortable with. It […]

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