Did You Know We Use Feliway In Our Clinics?

26 April 2016


We use a Feliway Diffuser in our clinics, this spray aids in improving signs associated with fear and stress in kittens and cats. This is another way we make your Cat’s trip to the vet more comfortable and anxiety free.kitty

The scent that Feliway releases is an imitation of the pheromone that cats naturally give off when they feel relaxed in their surroundings. As a cat owner you know how much your cat likes to rub their body against people or objects. Whenever they do this, it releases the pheromone to mark its territory.

Minor changes such as moving furniture or even redecorating will remove their natural odors and can make your cat uncomfortable and may prevent them from releasing the pheromone. Cats are very sensitive animals, changes in your schedule, new people around the house or going away will stress them out.

Cats love routine and need a consistent environment.

Stressful feelings can lead to miserable behavior and may result in your cat being disconnected with you, hiding away or mischievous behavior.

Feliway will enable your cat to maintain the feeling of relaxation to decrease stress that your cat may experience in unusual or new situations.

This is why we use Feliway in our clinic!Feliway_60mL_Spray__90544.1415337254.500.659-300x300

As we are an Accredited Cat Friendly Practice we do everything that we can do make your cats trip to the vet stress free! For more information about how we are a Cat Friendly Practice, click here.


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