Cool Mat Offer

Dog on cool mat

MyM8s Pet Cooling Mat cools your pet’s body temperature on warm days. It can also act as a medical aide for conditions that respond well to cooling.
The Pet cooling mats use a non-toxic gel that absorbs body heat and dissipates it back into the air through evaporation from the areas of the pad that are not in use.

Your  pet’s body temperature is reduced slowly by the pressure of it laying on the mat and this works better than the animal laying directly on a cold surface.

Over time the mats temperature will warm up when the rate of evaporation is slower than the rate of heat absorption. By this stage, the animal will have been sufficiently cooled. For prolonged use, it is best to discontinue use after 3 hours for the mat to ‘recharge’ itself and allow the excess heat to be released.
The mat does not require water, freezing or electricity to activate the Gel. Great for use in cooling down a pets body temperature but also to alleviate medical conditions that respond well to cooling.

We stock four sizes the smallest one starting at just $12.60 and the largest size selling for $61.70.

To pre-purchase a mat please call us on either Pet Universe Broadview on 8266 4666 or Pet Universe Northgate on 8369 3111.