Fear-Free Veterinary Visits

Alex Ong
Dr Alex Ong, Pet Universe Fear-Free Visit Advocate


Is your pets fearful of visiting the vets? If so you are not alone


“A recent study 58% of cat owners & 26% of dog owners said their pets hated going to the vets”

Fear – free veterinary visits is a new way of practicing  veterinary medicine which focuses not just on the physical wellbeing of the pet but also the emotional wellbeing. Our ground-breaking fear free visits adopts methods  implemented by Dr Marty Becker and the late Dr Sophia Yin from the USA.; this style of visit is also endorsed by American registered specialist including Dr Steven Ettinger and Dr Karen Overall.

“In a Fear-Free Visit the average heart-rates of my patients was 50% less than at a normal hospital—a true indicator of the calming effect “ – Dr Ettinger.

Calm pets have reduced or normal blood pressure, temperature and respiration rates, and do not mask the signs of pain which is common when there is excessive adrenalin.

What Do Fear Free Visits Include?

  • Use of relaxing pheromones—Feliway (cats) & DAP (dogs)


  • Species-specific calming music
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  • Innovative approach to the veterinary examination & care
 Clipnosis Ad_Aikiou-dig2-
  • Use “thunder shirts” for dogs & “clipnosis” for cats
thundershirt-dog Clipnosis


  • Use of warm towels
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  •  Home tips for a fear-free visit


  • 50% More time – 30 minute consultation



For further information or to book a Fear-Free Visit please call us on 8266 4666 (Broadview) or 8369 3111 (Northgate)