“Gentle handling, professional grooming, tasty treats and free health checks will make your pet want to come back again.”  


If you’re looking for an experienced cat groomer in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, you can trust Pet Universe to have your pet looking clean and feeling great!

On Arrival

All felines are checked in by our team who fill in a Grooming Admissions Forms. This notes all your cat’s temperament and grooming details as well as any special requests you may have. All appointments have extra time included to allow our staff to relax your cat and get them ready for their treatment. We pride ourselves on expert behavioural knowledge which we apply to our cat grooming and handling technique.

The Comfort Clip

  • Groom out mats
  • No bathing to minimise stress to your cat
  • Nail trim
  • Tasty fish snax

For further details about quality cat grooming in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, contact us and make an appointment at Pet Universe Broadview or Northgate today. If you’ve got a dog as well, bring them along to get pampered at The Dog Spa too!