RSPCA Cat Adoption Programme

Pet Universe First Hospital To Join The New RSPCA Cat Adoption Programme

catumbrellaFINDING A NEW HOME IN STYLE: Thanks to a generous community grant from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the RSPCA are excited to announce an expansion to their kitten adoption program. And all our team at Pet Universe in Broadview are proud that we are the first veterinary hospital to have joined the Hill’s Adoption Centre initiative. Last week Snowball, Summer, and Ruffles moved into their very own Kitten Condo.

“This program is all about getting our precious kittens out into the community… to increase their exposure and make it really easy for people to adopt a kitten responsibly,” Ms Kerriann Campbell, Executive Manager Animal Operations, RSPCA South Australia said.

“This kitten season has been particularly intense for RSPCA South Australia and the need to find loving new homes for these wonderful kittens has never been so urgent. We currently have more than 450 cats and kittens in foster care and our Kitten Condos help them go straight from care and into the community.

“We’re thrilled that kittens like Snowball, Summer, and Ruffles will benefit from the loving care the friendly and professional staff at Pet Universe Broadview will provide, and that little extra help in finding their loving forever homes.”

These three adorable kitties are now available to adopt – you can visit them and the team at Pet Universe Broadview.For our opening hours and contact details visit us at

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Keep an eye on the RSPCA South Australia Facebook page as more Kitten Condos will be rolled out over the coming weeks