Wellness Philosophy

Because our motto is “healthcare from your pet’s point of view”, all our Wellness Programmes (those that are designed to prevent your pets developing unwanted diseases and having expensive procedures) are always discounted to make them affordable and give pets the very best care.

All Desexes Have Full Safety Package For Peace Of Mind

Pre-anaesthetic risk score, mini- pre-anaesthetic blood test to screen for any hidden, underlying disease, and intravenous fluids, again for safety and to aid a fast recovery and optimal pain relief treatment.

All Dental Scale And Polishes Include The Above Safety package.
To keep this procedure affordable, we give the anaesthetic free-of-charge.

Patient History Questionnaire
At every visit to see a veterinarian, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire so we can establish a big, overall picture of your pet’s health and not just the issue that has provoked that particular visit.

Tailored, Written Treatment Plan and Follow-Up Reminders
and Phone Calls.

All Standard Consults Are 20 Minutes Long (including vaccinations)
We know of no other hospital in Adelaide with such long appointments. We believe listening and explaining everything thoroughly to you will build the trusting relationship that’s vital between your veterinarian and you.

The Geriatric Blood and Urine Test and Free Health Check (>7yo) for less than the cost of the blood and urine tests alone.
Scheduled six months after the annual vaccination. So, all senior pets get a full physical examination every after six months. That’s equivalent to humans having aged between 2.5 – 3.5 years! Early detection of disease can reverse or prevent disease (e.g. cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others) and improve quality and quantity of life.

Nutrition. The 5th Vital Assessment. Every pet. Every time

We vets know about T-P-R – temperature, pulse, respiration and pain. At Pet Universe we record those four vital assessments at every patient exam. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) now considers nutrition the 5th Vital Assessment. So at Pet Universe we now incorporate these into your pet’s annual or biannual wellness exams.The goal is that nutritional assessment and specific dietary recommendation will be made for every patient at each visit. We also provide complimentary nutritional consults with team members who have completed Nutritional Adviser Certificates. In fact, we have Nutritional and Weight Loss Champions at both Pet Universe Broadview and Northgate.

Our Commitment To Customer Service, We hope to give you prompt and courteous service every time.