Pet Insurance

coffeeFor the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a week you could insure your cat or dog. Read on to find out how you can have added peace of mind and offer your pet excellent veterinary care if they get sick or have an accident*

Why Petplan?

Petplan started in the UK more than 35 years ago and is recognised as the most trusted name in Pet Insurance. For almost a decade Petplan has been the leading pet insurance specialist company in Australia.

*100% Rebate on Vet Bills

Even the most caring pet owners are often unprepared financially to handle an expensive vet bill that accidents or illnesses can bring. Thankfully, Petplan offers up to *100% rebate on pet insurance claims.*(Less the fixed excess and non-claimable items)

Genuine *Covered for Life for illnesses

Petplan is the only pet insurance company in Australia that offers genuine ‘*Covered for Life’ pet insurance. If your pet develops a chronic, re-occurring or life long illness that will require expensive treatment and medication for the rest of their life, you know that Petplan’s ‘Covered for Life’ policy will be there for the long haul.*(Covered for Life provided the policy is renewed without a gap in cover).

Petplan ‘Only’ Insures Pets

Petplan is the pet insurance specialist; we are absolutely committed to helping to keep the nation’s pets healthy, and their owners happy. We understand your passion, all of our staff are pet owners too.

Petplan is Underwritten by Allianz Australia

Petplan pet insurance policies are underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd, part of the Allianz AG worldwide Group, so you can rest reassured that your pet’s insurance policy is underwritten by one of Australia’s largest and the world’s most respected general insurers.

Third Party Liability Cover

When you compare Pet Insurance, Third Party Liability for your pet is important. Did you know that if your pet causes personal injuries or damage to a third party or their property you can be found legally liable and have to pay, however with Petplan pet insurance we will be there to help. Petplan is the only pet insurance company to offer third party liability cover. For more information on pet insurance contact us on 8266 4666 or 8369 3111 or fill in an enquiry form. *Terms and conditions apply

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