Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What pets does the plan cover?

A. Puppies, kittens, cats and dogs. Puppies and kittens have their first vaccination from the pack at 12 weeks old. If you would like to sign up earlier and learn in more detail about us and our packages why not take advantage of our Free Puppy and Kitten Health Checks. Call us on  1800 735 990.

Q. Is my Complete Care Package an insurance plan?

A.No. The Complete Care Package is not an insurance policy, it is a preventative healthcare plan designed to promote and maintain gold-standard wellness for your pet.

Q.Is there a waiting time before I can bring my pet in for a free initial consultation?

A.No.You can bring in your pet in to see us for your free consultation immediately.

Q.What if my pet requires follow-up revisit consultations after the free initial consultation?

A.These revisit fees are charged for at the normal price as are any other tests , services or procedures not included in your pack.

Q. How do I pay for the Complete Care Package?

A.The preventative healthcare package is designed to extend over a full year . You can either pay for the whole package upfront, or for a more affordable approach we can spread your payments over 12 monthly installments. For monthly installments there is an additional, one-off  administration fee of $20 which is billed at the time of signing up with your first monthly installment.Payments are deducted via Direct Debit administrated by VetPay.

Q. How long am I obligated to my monthly payments?

A.You are signing up for a minimum of 12 months. Your membership will automatically renew unless cancelled in writing no later than 14 days prior to your one-year anniversary.The new annual package price will include any annual price increase for the same life-stage package, or the new package price if your pet has qualifies for another life-stage package (i..e was a puppy and is now an adult dog, or an adult cat and now a Senior Cat).

Q. Is there a discount for subsequent pets?

A. Yes. The one-off administration fee of $20 is waived for subsequent pets.Due to the fact that no other deposit amount is asked for and that the monthly fee is simply the total pack fee divided by 12 months (except the one-off administration fee) and the package contains over $200 worth of discounts and vouchers, no additional discounts can be offered.

Q. What happens if my pet dies or goes missing?

A.You should notify us as soon as possible and we will cancel your plan. In this unfortunate instance, refunds will only be given for the sum equal to the difference between the value of the treatments received at normal full price against the value of the payments made by you (the initial joining fee and upfront payment is a separate payment and cannot be included  as a figure in any payment refund made to you). The request for a refund should be made to us in writing.

Q.Can I transfer my plan to another pet?

A. No, each plan is tailored to the named pet and therefore we cannot transfer plans between pets.

Q. What products are used in the Complete Care Packages?

A. We selected tried and test products that we use on our own pets as well as those of our clients.Our product selection at any given time represents the most affordable gold-standard healthcare possible and therefore we only use our selected products for your packages.

Q.Can I use my Complete Care Package at any Pet Universe Veterinary Centre?

A. Yes. We have access to your pet’s personal file at each practice.If one of our practices is closed, say Northgate on a Sunday, you can visit our Broadview branch.

Q. How do I sign up ?

Call us on either 1800  735 990  or contact us using the contact us page

Q. How much do the Packages cost?

Packages are priced according to the amount of products and type of product your pet requires ; the two factors that determine this are their life-stage (puppy, kitten, adult or senior) and their weight. Kitten packages start from $32.08 per month. For further information call us on 1800 735 990 or contact  us on using the contact page.