Canine Companions

Life can be lonely if you are isolated through disability, illness or age. Yet the love and company of a dog is changing the lives of so many people in South Australia.

Fred Goggins is the manager of Canine Companions in South Australia and his organisation provides permanent placement of specially-trained companion dogs for therapeutic value to a wide range of individuals with special needs.

Some of the people are frail and aged, or they may be young people or even children with disabilities and they may be socially isolated.

Canine Companions dogs are selected to meet indiviual needs and although many of their benefits are immeasurable, they include unconditional love and affection, increased self-esteem, greater expression of feelings, increased fine gross motor skills, initiation of speech and improved speaking skills.

Pet Universe has been caring for Canine Companions Dogs for many years including healthchecks, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping and tattooing prior to homing.

For further information on Companion Care, contact Fred Goggins on 08 8284 9415

Visit to see video and audio footage of an interview with Fred Goggins highlighting some of the life-changing work this organisation facilitates.